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March 30, 2007

Great Lakes Compact Tests Regional Unity

The Associated Press syndicated this story on the problems facing the Great Lakes States as they debate the compact:

As governors of the Great Lakes states debated how to prevent outsiders from staking a claim to their precious water, advocates warned that without a deal, the region would be at the mercy of an increasingly powerful — and thirsty — Sun Belt.

But since the eight governors shook hands on a water compact in December 2005, the loudest complaints have surfaced within the Great Lakes region itself, where people find it easier to say “no” to Arizona than to restrain their own appetites.

What many don’t like is that the compact also instructs the Great Lakes states to regulate their water use and adopt conservation plans, in keeping with regional standards. The rules could affect virtually anything requiring lots of water, from sewage treatment to irrigation to manufacturing cars.

Read the whole article for a good summary of the issues each State faces.

See this prior post on the Status of Legislation Passage of the Great Lakes Compact.

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