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March 24, 2007

Michigan facing loss of seat in U.S. House

The Detroit Free Press carried this story on losses of Congressional seats due to population shifts:

Michigan is likely to lose one of its 15 seats in Congress after the 2010 U.S. census — meaning the possibility of a little less clout in Washington, a little less attention from presidential candidates and the smallest delegation from Michigan in about 100 years, based on census numbers released today.

Based on Bensen’s [Clark Bensen researches population numbers] projections for 2010, Michigan will be among a handful of states likely to lose a seat — Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota among them. New York and Ohio stand to lose two, he said.

His projections show Texas gaining four seats and Florida and Arizona two apiece.

Michigan has lost at least one representative after each of the last four censuses, from a peak of 19 after the 1960 census. The number determines how many Electoral College votes a state gets for president, with one for every Congress member and each of two senators.

The projection is that the Great Lakes Basin may loose as many as 7 seats after the next census in 2010 as those seats follow the population south and west. That translates into a LOT less clout in Congress for important Great Lakes water issues including cleanup, invasive species, water quality, diversions, …

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