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December 27, 2006

Ontario nuclear waste site near Lake Huron – update

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The Port Huron Times-Herald carries this update to a news item originally covered here. In summary — the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is proposing the creation of a nuclear waste storage site under Kincardine, Ontario. Kincardine is on Lake Huron, about three hours northeast of Port Huron.

Meanwhile, the Canadian commission apparently has decided to take a more reasonable approach to the issue. It will recommend to Canada’s Minister of the Environment that the proposal first is reviewed by a full panel of health, safety and environmental experts.

In addition, the commission also approved guidelines that require environmental effects from the project to be monitored. Those measures are essential.

Officials of Kincardine’s Bruce nuclear power complex have acknowledged the potential threat. In 2002, they admitted that ground water near homes in Kincardine tested positive for radioactive waste.

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